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Writers helping writers - advice, support, words words words...
'Don't tell me the moon is shining: show me the glint of light on broken glass' Anton Chekhov

This community is a place for writers to come and talk about the craft of writing, seek support and ask advice.

Writing a novel and need some encouragement? Come in. Annoyed about structure and want a place to whinge? This place is for you.

If, like Wilde and Arnold insist, criticism and creation are intertwined, then we have room for this, too. Let us know how you feel about the intentional fallacy, share with us how Wordsworth's Preface to the 1800 Lyrical Ballads has forced you to write all of your shopping lists in 'the very language of men', or how your new-found post-modern distrust of meta-narrative lets you lie about your age.

Or, like Samuel Johnson, just kick a stone until you rebound from it and 'refute it thus'.

IMPORTANT! Please do not post any writing examples. THESE WILL BE DELETED, and repeat offenders will be banned. There are many communities where this is welcome. Please check out affiliates listed below.

(If you want to share your work with someone who wants to see it, pm them with a link to your own journal.)

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