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So I have a question this time around.

Alright so after a long period of time, my main character and his soulmate meets up again. When they meet again should I have her single or have her be with someone? Im leaning towards being with someone but I'm unsure how he would win her over.

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Wanted: Motivational kick in the pants

 I love writing. I love what I'm writing. It also takes me three days to a week to write five pages and thats just to get started! Le sigh. What do you guys do to get that motivational kick in the pants?  The same thing doesn't always work on me more than once but I'm always wiling to try new things!


Okay so I'm having a bit of a delimma with my novel I'm writing and it is frustrating as all get out.

I have roughly 60+ pages hand written in a binder. All of it I'm proud of and am looking forward to working on it.

So what's the problem here?

I HATE having to sit down and type it up. I always get distracted even before I go to do it. I know I need to force myself to just do it, but does anyone have any tips or tricks as to how you get yourself to type up a large block of work you have hand written? I have had this problem for years and it's really starting to get under my skin. I even asked a well published author back when I was in college and his response was "oh my wife types it up for me, next question" /fail
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Just chatting to myself...

...about the novel I am writing. It is, at present, a linear structure, from first cause to tragic ending.

I am worried, however, that this straight line is too simplistic: although I have memories and past actions in the prose, I don't have an actual story (mystery?) that is running backwards as my main plot (suspense?) is running forward.

Hmmm. I wonder if I should just carry on as is, and let myself off as it is my first attempt, or if I should try and construct a parallel plot?
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First post - w00t!

Hello - I'm Annabel and I will be your friendly and enthusiastic mod.

As a first post, let me explain why I set this comm up. I have been trawling lj looking for support while I write my novel, looking for others who are in the same boat or who are looking to discuss writing WITHOUT posting examples of their writing.

Please join me in discussing our craft, passing on hints, tips and support, and generating the enthusiasm and squee that careful, thought-filled writing deserves, be it poetry, original fiction, fanfiction, novels, flash, or whatever medium you chose for your words.

I'm sorry if you want to post your work, but I find it difficult to bump between posts of disparate merit. I'm sorry if you think I am mean, but some of the 'poetry' posted on lj (usually with an intro of 'Hi! Wrote this two minutes ago, first draft, what do you think?' ARGH!) has made my eyes bleed. Of course, some of the work I have found here is excellent. There are other comms for instant feedback - but everyone needs to talk about how/why/what you are writing - and here's the place to do it!
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