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Method to Your Madness

Basically, I want to know what you do when you write. Do you plan ahead? or go by the seat of your pants and hope for the best? Do you need certain thngs to be happening ( music, tv, silence etc) and where do you find yourself the most comfortable writing?

The method that I have found that works for me is just going with it. I tried planning and plotting it out ahead of time with a few different methods and I discovered that I was getting nowhere fast. too constricting for me. However I suppose its not all just going through blind. I try a few different approches to a chapter (hand written) untill I get an idea that works. I then take what I've written for that chapter and expand on it. *shrug* maybe thats a little plnning but I dont think so. I specifically use pens (my handwriting fades out no matter how hard I press with a pencil) and recently discovered the freedom of loose notebook paper. I feel I have more controll without worrying about ruining something or making a mess or even carrying eight different notebooks with me at one time (very space consuming) I can add or remove things as I choose but mostly I just let them float around in my binder. It maybe unorganized but it I know where everything is and thats all I care about.
Sometimes I'l write it the first time out on the laptop but I cant take my laptop with me to work and I can take the paper and pen with me so I try and stick with that more than electronical means. (there is almost nothing more portable than paper and pens)

I can't write with the tv on and sometimes I can write while listeing to music. Particularly music that I found had struck an insparational idea. I usually work in silence though. It also cannot be just any old music but MY music. I'm picky like that.

As for where? The three places in i'm most imclined to write at or in are, My bed, the couch and work not nessicarily in that order. I have issues writing where there might or will be people around. I just get writer shy.
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