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why the happy dance you may wonder? well becasue i have, after 8 years of struggling through one story to the next, have FINALY FINISHED A ROUGH DRAFT!! yippy! as of right now, its not exactly even Nano size ( nano is 50k words i am at about 45k) but i have a few things i want to add to the begining and lots and lots of things to fix. i'm a ready as i will ever be to finish this and i just hope that i can push through to the final draft!


This month is NaNoWriMo. People are in pieces all over lj, getting their word counts up to the officially required total.

Have you ever tried it? If so, how did you do?

Personally, I'm too busy at University. It sounds like fun, but I know my quality would suffer if I had to maintain such a terrible pace.

Yet I do think it's a good way to produce something editable...which is the first step, yes?

Oct. 20th, 2009

Oh, I want to write a poem. A big piece, as bold as it is sly.
Instead, I'm going to watch tv and go to bed.

Tell me off!

Writing help!

After many long months of struggle, trying to scrape through the last creative pieces in my brain and forcing something out that didn't want to come out, I'm finally happy to say that I'm looking for help. This will be a good thing. I think.

Let me digress. It's been about a year and a half that I've been writing fic mostly for LJ. I have always had a literary bug inside of me but it never really bothered to come out until I met some friends which got me into seriously penning down my fandom love. I kind of started there with long fanfiction stories, which...I gave up about halfway through. Part of that was triggered by an experience I had with a beta reader which kind of traumatized me. V__V I definitely wasn't ready for what she had to say and instead of guiding me through my insipid work all the way through with a positive attitude, left me to wallow in my own self-doubt.

Since then, I have been struggling hard and long to get anything creative out of my mind. I tried short drabbles because I think they require less plot brainpower but I've even gotten to the point where I can't even do that. It gets to the point where I just look at the blank screen and get this horrible sensation in my stomach. I freeze. It's like, I get random bits and pieces of sentences and kind of start something but it's never coherent, flowing, connected. It's just there. And I just kind of finish it feeling bitter and not happy about it.

So it makes me think...maybe I wasn't meant to write. If it's so hard on you then why do you do it? You might as well just not write anymore and live life calmly! But that doesn't work either because I still get the urge to write. I want to tell the world a story. But I can't. Maybe I'm too focused on what others think and not what I want to write? I have to start somewhere, I gues.

I came to this site looking for some emotional and technical help. A writing buddy who is willing to put up a little with me in order to get back on the bike. Push me a little and then leave me on my own to do what I must. But mostly, some kind heart that is both critical but knows there's a rewarding reason behind the critiques.

Oh, I tend to switch from fandom to fandom really quickly but right now I'm on a Fruits Basket kick. Ever heard of it? Oh, it's a lovely manga/anime!

Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated!

Stephen Fry's blogpost...

...is something we all need to read!

On your mark, get set, GO!

Made ya look.

Anywho, just for discussion.

What's your latest and greatest idea?

Personally I think I may be reverting back some old characters to help me muddle through my main ones.

Method to Your Madness

Basically, I want to know what you do when you write. Do you plan ahead? or go by the seat of your pants and hope for the best? Do you need certain thngs to be happening ( music, tv, silence etc) and where do you find yourself the most comfortable writing?

The method that I have found that works for me is just going with it. I tried planning and plotting it out ahead of time with a few different methods and I discovered that I was getting nowhere fast. too constricting for me. However I suppose its not all just going through blind. I try a few different approches to a chapter (hand written) untill I get an idea that works. I then take what I've written for that chapter and expand on it. *shrug* maybe thats a little plnning but I dont think so. I specifically use pens (my handwriting fades out no matter how hard I press with a pencil) and recently discovered the freedom of loose notebook paper. I feel I have more controll without worrying about ruining something or making a mess or even carrying eight different notebooks with me at one time (very space consuming) I can add or remove things as I choose but mostly I just let them float around in my binder. It maybe unorganized but it I know where everything is and thats all I care about.
Sometimes I'l write it the first time out on the laptop but I cant take my laptop with me to work and I can take the paper and pen with me so I try and stick with that more than electronical means. (there is almost nothing more portable than paper and pens)

I can't write with the tv on and sometimes I can write while listeing to music. Particularly music that I found had struck an insparational idea. I usually work in silence though. It also cannot be just any old music but MY music. I'm picky like that.

As for where? The three places in i'm most imclined to write at or in are, My bed, the couch and work not nessicarily in that order. I have issues writing where there might or will be people around. I just get writer shy.

Why You Like To Write

Hello. I think one of the most important things for writers to remember, especially if they've been writing for a long time or have been working on a big project for sometime, is the reason why they've started writing in the first place. I thought that it would be a good idea if we just posted a small snippet on what brought us inspiration/motivation/support/etc.

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My novel is a t 21,000 words, and I'm running out of plot (!) so am toying with the idea of cutting my target for the summer down by 20,000. This means I can start the run up to my well-planned mid point soon.

But is this right? I know that, in editing, I cut about a quarter. That leaves me with 60,000, which isn't novel length.

What should I do?
I have a character who, at first glance, seems like perfection incarnated: she's rich, drop-dead gorgeous, nice, kind, noble, generous, super-intelligent, saves stray puppies and lost hugry boys from imminent death (literally), and has kewl powers and the whole friend-of-everything-living shtick going on. Most boys want to do various NC-17 things with her, and most girls hate her for how perfect she is. Typical Mary Sue material. Now, for most of the story she's just a supporting character and not anywhere near the focus of the novel, but it turns out that the whole 'nice, kind, noble, and generous' persona is really acting, and the rest of it--beauty, powers, intelligence, etc.--is really the silver lining of a 'deal with the devil' sort of bargain that requires her to constantly sacrifice people whose souls have specific properties (which means the MCs) or else her powers vanish and her body starts rapidly rotting and falling apart. In fact, she's been manipulating all her friends and has saved the 'lost and hungry boy' just so she could take advantage of his loyalty and raise him into her own personal bodyguard and get him to sacrifice his sister eventually. Basically, she's one evil, rotten bitch (literally).

Now, what I'm scared of is that, while she isn't in the limelight at all, people will hate her for her Mary Sue-ness and abandon the story before they realize that it's all really a hoax. So I've been wondering, for how long would you put up with such a character before giving up on the story alltogether?